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[FYI] Safer use of the Internet

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/ European Communities, 1999.  

Record Control Number: 13872  

Date: 1999-11-05  

Category: Event  

General Information:  

The Scotland/Northern Ireland MIDAS-NET node is organising a second 
seminar to provide information on systems to control access to the 
Internet by school pupils and minors. The seminar takes place in 
Glasgow, United Kingdom, on 2 December 1999.  

The event is aimed in particular at education officers and 
administrative staff responsible for education policy, and will aim 
to inform strategic planning relating to Internet access for schools. 
Following a short introduction to the EU's INFO2000 programme and the 
activities of the MIDAS-NET nodes, participants will receive pointers 
to where to find information on safer use of the Internet, and in 
particular where to find rating and filtering systems. The seminar 
will also outline developments made following the adoption of the 
EU's action plan on promoting safer use of the Internet in December 

Data Source Provider: Scotland/Northern Ireland MIDAS-NET node  

Document Reference: Event announcement.  

Programme Acronym: INFO2000  

Subject Index Codes: Information, Media; Information Processing, 
Information Systems  

Contact Person:  

For further information, please contact:  

Scottish Enterprise Ms Lorna Cullen 120 Bothwell Street Glasgow G2 
7JP United Kingdom Tel. +44-141-2282423; Fax +44-141-2282882 E-mail: 
lorna.cullen@midas-net.org.uk URL: http://www.midas-

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