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Financing From The USA

Attention: Business Owner

Thank you for taking your time to review the following 
information pertaining to the financing of certain USA 
manufactured products and services.

The Export-Import Bank of the United States offers loan 
guaranty programs for foreign companies who would like 
low interest financing to purchase US manufactured 
products from an US exporter.

If your company qualifies, South Pointe Financial Corp. 
can offer you very attractive rates, terms and service for 
the acquisition of equipment, machinery, plants, and any 
other products that have an economical life time.

We can not finance land, buildings, consumables, import 
duties, or raw materials.

The interest rates range between 7% - 9% USD and the terms
are 2 - 5 years.

The minimum transaction size is $250,000 USD

We can finance 85% of your transaction amount.


Your company must be at least three years in business or 
guaranteed by another company you own that is three 
years in business.

We can finance up to 40 % of your company's net worth.

Your company must demonstrate that you have in the 
bank the 15 % that we can not finance and a little 
extra to keep your company operating.

The company must have enough annual profit to
service the new debt. 
We are very serious about assisting your company in 
obtaining an Exim Bank loan guaranty. 

Please provide us with the following information;

Your Company Name:
Contact person:
Telephone number including country
and city code:
Email address:

Please email your response by double-clicking:


Also, feel free to have your equipment supplier in the 
USA contact us.

This message is being sent to benefit businesses
in your country. We apologize if your received 
this message and you do not have a business. 
Please double click on the below link to be 
deleted from future mailings.