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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: FBI demands "Y2K secret Army briefing" video be yank

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Subject:        	FC: FBI demands "Y2K secret Army briefing" video be yanked
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The FBI has demanded that a web site with a video purporting to be a
Y2K military briefing be removed. The ISP has complied. The grainy
6-minute video clip shows a plan to ignite race riots -- complete with
staged assaults on women -- after the Times Square ball drop.

Nobody has said the video -- placed online by artist Mike Z -- is
illegal to own or distribute. The FBI did not ask for a court order to
shut down the site and probably could not have obtained one. But the
clip is annoying to the US government, which took action to censor it.


Discussion (thanks to Michael Sims):

Mirror sites (I also have a copy):


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