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[FYI] DVD News: Nachtrag: Die Jagd auf DeCSS und Konsorten

*** Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob wir den Text schon auf der
                   Liste hatten, wenn ja, sorry! *** 

Folgenden "Liebesbrief" erhalten derzeit Webmaster die auf ihren 
Seiten DeCSS oder verwandte Programme anbieten. 
( Quelle: http://www.dvd-center.de/_aktuell/display.asp?ID=590 )


> Dear Sir or Madam:
> Sargoy, Stein, Rosen & Shapiro represents the following 
> motion picture production and distribution companies:
>             Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
>             Disney Enterprises, Inc.
>             Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
>             Paramount Pictures Corporation
>             TriStar Pictures, Inc.
>             Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
>             United Artists Pictures, Inc.
>             United Artists Corporation 
>             Universal City Studios, Inc.
>             Warner Bros., a Division of 
>             Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P. 
> We have received information that at the above address you 
> have offered to sell unauthorized DVD copies of our clients 
> copyrighted motion pictures, and offered to provide instruc-
> tions on defeating DVD encryption so that illegal copies of 
> DVDs can be made.
> These activities constitute infringement of the exclusive 
> rights to make copies and to distribute copies; and con-
> stitutes an infringement of copyright by offering goods or 
> services which are primarily designed to circumvent techno-
> logical protection measures. United States Copyright Act 
> 17 U.S.C. 106 and 1201.
> It is therefore demanded that you cease and desist from the 
> above describe activities immediately. Your prompt response 
> is requested. All rights are reserved.
>             Very truly yours,
>             H.S . 



> Laesst sich Samba nicht auf einer AS/400 kompilieren? ;)
Im Prinzip schon.  Aber bis die olle Gummikuh den riesengrossen
Source kompiliert hat, ist schon wieder eine neue Version draussen.
(Hans Bonfig in de.org.ccc)