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[FYI] U.S.: Site Protects Christian Values


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Daily News 

Site Protects Christian Values  

By Martin Stone, Newsbytes.  

December 06, 1999  

The Southern Baptist Convention has reportedly launched an Internet 
service meant to filter what it calls pornography, violence, bigotry 
and other material religious leaders deem a hindrance to personal and 
spiritual growth. Church leaders said the new service ensures that 
Christian values remain un-assaulted online.  

According to a report by Associated Press today, the site 
(http://www.lifewayonline.com ) went live Wednesday and is intended 
to help Christians surf without fear of content that conflicts with 
moral values, according to church officials. The new site reportedly 
joins a growing number of Web services responding to public concern 
about content and its influence on users, particularly among teens 
and children.  

The filter operates beyond word searches and considers content to 
ensure that helpful sites, such as those about breast cancer or sex 
education, are not blocked, the report said. The service is available 
for $19.95 per month.   

The Southern Baptist Convention claims to represent 16 million 
Baptists in 41,000 congregations,  

Reported by Newsbytes.com  

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