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[FYI] U.S.: Politische Arithmetik


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6 December 1999

Source: http://www.usia.gov/cgi-

US Department of State International Information Programs  

Washington File

06 December 1999 

Reinsch on Export Controls, Wassenaar Arrangement 

(Administration wants to improve export controls focus) (4120)  


Thus, our equation is: exports = healthy high-tech companies = strong 
defense. Cripple our companies by denying them the right to sell, and 
you set back our own military development.  


With respect to export controls, this update rests on three 
principles: one-time technical review, post-export reporting, and 
government review of exports to foreign government and military 
organizations and to nations of concern. Under this new policy, 
encryption commodities or software of any key length may be exported 
under a license exception, after a technical review, to commercial 
firms and other non-government end users in any country except the 
seven state supporters of terrorism. Further, retail encryption 
products may also be exported under a license exception to government 
end users in any country except to the seven state supporters of 
terrorism, after a technical review. Only non-retail products being 
exported to government end users will require an individual license. 
Two weeks ago we circulated to our industry colleagues a draft 
regulation for their further review and comment. We expect the final 
product to be published by December 15.  

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