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[FYI] RIAA sues MP3 site Napster


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Wed, 08 Dec 1999 12:37:00 GMT

Justin Pearse  

Music site takes advantage of legal grey area to allow
large-scale music piracy, RIAA claims 

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has filed a suit 
against MP3 music site Napster, accusing it of operating as a haven 
of online piracy.  

It is charging the site with copyright infringement and alleges that 
it has created a base for music piracy on an unprecedented scale.  

Napster claims that it is trying to promote unknown bands in the
same way as sites such as MP3.com. However once users have
downloaded the Napster software and log onto the company's
servers their personal MP3 collections -- which could include
copyrighted material -- are available for download by any other
users who are logged on at the same time. Napster operates in a
grey legal area, as no copyrighted music actually resides on its


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