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Posted at 11:59 a.m. PST Wednesday, December 8, 1999 

                     Canadian company under
                     fire for bringing `real time'
                     TV to Internet

TORONTO (AP) -- The name says it all. ICraveTV.com is a new service 
that pulls television signals out of the air and broadcasts them over 
the Internet, to the chagrin of the TV networks.  

Despite threatened legal action by Canadian broadcasters and the 
National Football League, the company launched last week says it will 
continue to operate.  

Launched last week, the free service allows consumers to click on a 
Web site menu for 17 channels, including U.S. networks ABC, NBC and 
CBS and the Canadian giant, CBC.  

A grainy image the size of a passport photo pops up in the corner of 
the computer screen with the ``real-time'' broadcast of the chosen 
station, just like on any television set.  


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