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Re: (Fwd) Siemens Card Hacked?

> I am trying to get some information about the alleged hack of a
>Siemens card used in the Geldkarte system in Germany. Your e-mail
>addresses were on a series of e-mails forwarded to me.

Hat nicht versucht mich zu erreichen. => Unfundiert.

> I was hoping someone could explain to me what the hacker claims to
>have done (in layman's terms) and what the significance would be if it
>were true. Siemens claims there is no threat to Geldkarte or the
>digital signature card (are they one and the same?)

+49-173-3676752 oder per Mail.

> Also, has the hacker been identified?

Nicht gegenüber Infineon.

>Siemens says, "The supposed hacker is a student who programmed a free
>programmable card to analyse the chip behavior. He has apologized to
>Infineon Technologies and confirmed that the reports relating to his attempt
>at cracking the chip are not true." What do you think? (And, by the way,
>what do they mean by a programmable card; I do have calls into Infineon and
>Geldkarte to get their answers, as well.)

Ich gestatte mir diesen Absatz nicht zu kommentieren.