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[FYI] Stoff zur SWPAT-Debatte


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Derwent Debates: Is Traditional Intellectual
Property Fit for A Web-Based Economy?

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The following links offer additional reading on the issues covered by 
this debate:  

Internet Sparks Patenting Controversy - An introduction to the 
controversy surrounding e-commerce patents  

E-Commerce, Software Patents And The Law - The view from the US 
Patent & Trademark Office, by Todd Q Dickinson, USPTO Commissioner  

Patents, The World Wide Web And Growing Controversy -1 - Interview 
with the CTO of OneName, which has a patent on a web standard  

Patents, The World Wide Web And Growing Controversy - 2 - Interview 
with Dick Stern, a former Chief of the Patent and Intellectual 
Property Sections, Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice, 
who believes the system needs fixing  


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