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Re: Elections/Endorsements

Dear Marc:

There are not "too many" candidates.
We are at the beginning of this process.
There were no discussions yet.

UDRP in general is a good procedure.
Just see it for what it is: Mediation, maybe followed by arbitration.
One can still go to court after mediation.

All those, whom you call evicted, just gave up early.
If they were serious about owning their domain,
they should defend it with all their power.

Complaining companies withdrew often after noticing,
that the other party was willing to fight.

Andreas Fuegner

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Betreff: Re: Elections/Endorsements

On Sat, 12 Aug 2000, Andreas Fügner wrote:

> Dear Marc, dear Thomas:
> We should not reduce the number of candidates.
> Freedom needs choices.

I agree there shoud be choice. That is why I put myself up :-)
Too many candidates are a risk though, that none will end up on the
ballot, but those from ICANN itself.

Therefore may I ask you, Andreas, about your stance on freedom issues,
especially as regards the UDRP and the large number of "evictions" by
WIPO, usually in favour of large companies?

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