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[ICANN-EU] [pcg@goof.com: Re: what is your point?]

<amused>After Andreas Fuegner finally managed to mail his - formerly
private - questions to the list, here are the answers I sent to

On Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 05:25:24PM +0200, Andreas Fügner <Andreas.Fuegner@lizenz.com> wrote:
> >ICANN so far decided to add new TLDs in a slow process, one at a time.
> "First
> >come - First serverd" does IMHO not apply to such a model, where
> introduction
> > of new TLD's is a long process.
> > Of course, ICANN can change this, but adding new TLD's on a rush is
> > serving nobody :(
>                 What is your point?

That FCFS is a bad policy.

>                 If a trademark owner wants your domain, it has to defend
> its trademark.  And yes the plaintiff picks the first court. That is how
> the legal system works.


>                 Now here is some constructive criticism. But who can
> check and judge, whether a domain is in use?

Well, I have some ideas. Maybe you can contribute even more?

>                 There are indeed international trademark agreements.
> Unfortunately, some countries did not to sign them yet.

Which define borders the internet does not and must not obey.

>                 The internet raises new legal questions.
>                 But ICANN is not the entity to solve them.

No, but ICANN has to work in accordance to (some) national laws.

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