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Re: [ICANN-EU] Re: Questions to the candidates

On Sun, 13 Aug 2000, Thomas Roessler wrote:

> On 2000-08-13 18:57:34 +0200, Marc Schneiders wrote:
> >> - ICANN doesn't pay your bills.  Could you elaborate a bit on
> >>   your funding, and how this does (or does not) affect your
> >>   independence from outside influence?
> > I expect ICANN to pay for my travel expenses. 
> Just to make things clear, here's article V, section 22 from the
> ICANN bylaws <http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm#V>:
>      Section 22. COMPENSATION
>      The Directors shall receive no compensation for their services
>      as Directors. The Board may, however, authorize the
>      reimbursement of actual and necessary reasonable expenses
>      incurred by Directors performing duties as Directors.

Thanks! What else can this mean than that they pay travel expenses
(economy class...)?
Or am I really missing something? English is not my native language and
reading (semi-)legal texts not my profession. So someone who is
"closer" on both counts may enlighten me perhaps.

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