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Re: [icann-eu] Agenda for ALM meeting in Melbourne

On Fri, 2 Feb 2001, at 15:51 [=GMT+0100], Hans Klein wrote:

> These are good issues for a meeting in Melbourne.  They are also good
> topics for the ALM study.
> We might be able to use the At Large Study process as a framework for our
> work.  We could write something on the following topics:
> 2. Editorial Board
> A group could initiate a discussion with the ICANN staff about control of
> the mailing list.  A brief memo summarizing the issues would be interesting.
> Does anyone want to get involved?  
> Anyone else interested in topics?

I am willing to contribute to find a working solution to the question
sub 2. In my view an At Large Membership cannot find consensus through
'physical' meetings, as 99.99% or more of the members cannot attend
those. I would like to go for a fast and practical way to get in touch
with *all* At Large Members. This can only be achieved by coming to
some sort of 'deal' with the ICANN staff and/or board. A small group
could draft a proposal that is clever, i.e. workable and not begging
for immediate rejection by ICANN because of privacy issues. In the
face of possibly unfortunate results of the ALM study later in this
year, it is quite important perhaps to have some structure in place
before that. A mailing list on which 1000 people can agree to some
position might be useful e.g.

Marc Schneiders (rest in header)