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[icann-eu] Please stay on topic.


please remember that icann-europe is a mailing list dedicated to
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On 2001-02-03 19:32:34 +0100, Mojmir Babacek wrote:
> From: "Mojmir Babacek" <mbabacek@iol.cz>
> To: <icann-europe@fitug.de>
> Subject: [icann-eu] mind control technology and democracy
> Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001 19:32:34 +0100
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> Comment: This message comes from the icann-europe mailing list.
> For the past two decades, in the mass media, occasionaly appear articles on
> the development of mind control technology enabling remote control of human
> psyche by means of electromagnetic radiation. According to the project of
> U.S. Air Force the thought control should be feasible by the year 2010. In
> our
> opinion this technology has reached the stage of mass production already in
> the nineties (for more precise information see
> http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Campus/2289/webpage.htm  ), but the
> governments keep their technology in secret and in this way destabilize and
> threaten the democracy. We have reached the theoretical knowledge which
> makes it feasible for us to build our own mind control technology and
> demonstrate it to journalists which should open the road for the
> international ban of the production and use of such technology.  We are in
> touch with several important  European journalists who promised to get
> engaged in this struggle, but after several experiments with the equipment
> cheaply available on the elctronic market we came to the conclusion that we
> need to buy some rather expensive, but precise, laboratory equipment. We
> would highly appreciate your financial contributions. Even very small
> amounts can help.
>     International Movement for the Ban of Radiofrequency Weapons
> You can send your financial contribution at the account
>                SWIFT code:          GIBACZPX
>                 bank code:             0800
>                 specific symbol:     83467
>                  account number:   1031626588
> or, by registered mail, at the address:
>                Obcanske sdruzeni za zakaz radiofrekvencnich zbrani
>                (Citizen's Association for the Ban of Radiofrequency Weapons)
>                P.O. Box 52
>                511 01 Turnov
>                Czech Republic
>                EUROPE

Thomas Roessler			    <roessler@does-not-exist.org>