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[icann-eu] FYI: Proposal for .EU Policy Oversight Committee

Dear all,

Stephen Dyer from CentralNIC Ltd. has drafted a proposal
and a charter for a .EU Policy Oversight Committee and 
put up a website at http://www.eupoc.org/
There seems to be a lot of discussion between the
people involved in the creation of .EU (mostly
registrars, EU officials and TM people) whether
.EU should preferably be strict or open. 

The 'Anglo-German' group seems to be more in favour
of direct second level registrations, not checking
whether entries are from legitimate or registered
entities. Stephen Dyers proposes a comparatively
high price ($99 a name) to scare off cybersquatters.

EU-POC and CO-EUR (the registrar group) are obviously
also aimed at getting the EU institutions to speed
up and not to leave the decision process completely
to them. Once again: There is hardly any user group
involved except for businesses and trademarks.

Best regards,
/// Alexander

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