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[icann-eu] Re: Proposed amendment to membership fee proposal

Milton and all,

  This is an excellent proposal Milton.  However it has been made
before.  I made such a suggestion over a year ago.  I would also
suggest this sort of proposal be used for the ICANN @large membership
as well.

  In fact Milton, in the next round of ICANN Registry proposals should also
be based upon GDP per capita as well?

  I guess this would mean the Luxembourg orgs would pay a bit more
than $50 US?  >;)

Milton Mueller wrote:

> In an earlier post proposing a membership fee structure for the constituency, I proposed that small organizations in the Latin America and Africa regions would pay only US$25 instead of the normal fee of $50.
> As many of you pointed out, this was not a very good distinction, there are many poor countries on other regions.
> As a substitute, I propose using GDP per capita statistics. As the cutoff point, organizations based in any country with per capita GDP UNDER US$10,000 would pay the lower rates.
> The lower rates still would apply only to small orgs.
> You can see which countries fall under this line at the following URL:
> http://www.photius.com/wfb1999/rankings/gdp_per_capita_0.html
> Let me know what you think of this proposal.
> --MM
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