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Re: [icann-eu] NSI selling data of domain name holders issue

On 20 Feb 2001, at 19:04, Andy Mueller-Maguhn wrote:

> Hi,
> sorry for not always responding on the same day; as you can guess
> it takes some time for me to get an overview.

> If we want to drive ICANN to any change in this, it would be a good idea
> to workout a clear suggestion and to adress it also to the public. It might
> sound a little heavy, but I donīt think the freedom to the selling of domain
> names should be general given.

Just for clarification: Are you referring to domain names or to whois data?


So this would mean to clearly take a standpoint
> against registrars who finance the business instead of fees by doing so. I my
> eyes data should be strictly handled for the purpose it has been given.
> Thanx for your suggestions:
> Andy
> ---
> Andy Mueller-Maguhn, andy@ccc.de, Key ID 331F978, http://www.ccc.de/~andy