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Introduction of Aristotle

Title: Aristotle



From Event to Process:
How Blending Virtual and Physical Environments Will Redefine Where We Meet and Why. Click here to read this exciting article.



Bureau Executives

New Marketing Roundtable - February 7th, 2002
Washington, D.C.

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PCMA Breaking News...
Chicago - Jan. 16, 2002
- The Board of Directors of the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) announced today that it has unanimously voted to relieve David DuBois, CMP, CAE of his duties as President and CEO.
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 PCMA Update from Nashville

Roy B. Evans, CAE

Roy Evans reports to Aristotle from Nashville on the official and unofficial PCMA.  Get Roy's insight into the industry today and how 2002 will play out.  Listen to Roy's report by clicking on 'Play.'

 New Car?   New PC?

Arthur G. Esch, Jr.,

We are always thinking about the next new car and increasingly we are window shopping for our next new PC.  Here are the collective thoughts of the Aristotle Editorial Board on what to order on your next PC, and better yet, when to order it.

 Marketing in Chaos

Doug Price

The meetings industry and big part of the North American took a big hit in September.  With the economy on the way back; it is time to focus on Marketing in Chaos.  Doug Price leads us to one proven key -satisfied clients.

 Three Strategies for An Uncertain Future

Bruce Butterfield

Many associations suffered, and their suppliers, suffered significant losses from the last year's travel cancellations and skittishness.  Is there a way to protect against them in the future? Actually, there are three ways.



Metrics in Meetings

Gary Grimmer, 
CEO of the MelbourneCVB

Organizations by the number are working to add business disciplines to the meeting industry.  Dome is one of the industry leaders in defining and executing statistics gathering.  Using the ICCA Cancun meeting as beta test illustrates the power of metrics.  Click here to get the scoop.