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ADV - Aristotle Update A4

Title: Aristotle




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In Brief...

Aristotle Editors

Scarborough Research announces that online shopping in $75,000+ households has reached 69% versus 27% for households with incomes below $25,000. The $25-50,000 bracket had a 42% shopping rate.

Japanese broadband lines jumped to 3,000,000 installed a 350% increase in 2001 over 2000.

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 The WIZ is THE Model

A. G. Esch, Jr.

With all of the discussions about people staying connected, one bureau stepped out there and built connectivity right into the center of their biggest attraction.  The Jacksonville Landing, a river-side Mecca of restaurants and retail, is now a Wireless Internet Zone.  Tourists and citizens alike report, `The WIZ is great!" 

Sick Buildings:  Cause & Effect

Dr. Jp Leskie

Indoor air pollution totals billion of dollars annually in lost productivity, direct medical costs, earnings and employee sick days. What are the causes?

 Anatomy of a Collapse:  Enron (ENE)

Tom Jones

When examining the Enron collapse we see defensive action should have been undertaken instead of just watching the stock go down the drain.  Marrying the fundamental and the technical aspects of investing would have given you better odds of success.

 Blending Traditional and Online Media

Phil Mogle

Building demand and initiating action is the ultimate objective of any media campaign.  Microsoft, in conjunction with  the Advertising Research Foundation and Unilever, has definitively established the remarkable power of online media when utilized as part of a blended media campaign.


A. G. Esch, Jr.

The press keeps talking about the next generation of cellular telephones.  Is it 2.5G or 3G or 15G?  And then there is the alphabet soup - GSM, CDMA, and APQW.  Who makes all of this up?  More importantly, what should I do about cellular connectivity, eMail, and being productive out of the office?


PDA Shopping?

Are you in the market for a new organizer?  Not sure what type of handheld you require for your job or how to justify it to your spouse or boss?  Click here for a few observations to keep in mind when making the big decision.