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[icann-europe] wecann.com preparation - News list

We prepare the http://wecann.com site for next week. This site is to be 
permit the Authors of ICANN Reform propositions to present their positions 
and help the necessary consensus through a progressive "proposition 
cross-fertilization" attempt. The target is not to help a compromise ("what 
should we change to agree") but a true consensus ("what is necessary for us 
to agree"). Because a compromise would not last long when confronted to 

We plan a mailing list and archives for News people. So the Authors of the 
Propositions may keep the press/media updated easily. This list would be 
some permanent press conference on the ICANN reform matters.

Please send me a private mail with the mail of the press people you know 
and who could be interested. When the site and the list are established we 
will send them a mail asking if they want to be on this wecann-press list.

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