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Re: [icann-europe] Re: [ecdiscuss] ICANN to require contract from .eu registry

Date sent:      	Sat, 30 Mar 2002 16:38:10 -0800
From:           	Jeff Williams <jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com>
Organization:   	INEGroup Spokesman

>  The US DOC/NTIA does..

But: that's a Nobody,
in the case that the Net comes to the conclusion
that it is a Nobody. It just means using an other root-server
for DNS, and the Influence of US DOC/NTIA is History.

There are allready "wild" rootservers and it is just the
Users Choise what System to use: 
US DOC/NTIA - only,
"Independant" - only,
or US DOC/NTIA and in Case of "unresolved" -> "Independant".

If ICANN looses the Ground-Contact to the Net,
by stripping User-Votes,
we might see ICANN becoming a "Nobody"
in a Word of "Independant" DNS-Roots.

I really see no Reason why Europe should not
set up it's own DNS-Root and see the one in the
USA as just a Brother, with nothing more than 
the same Rights.

One should also serious think about if it makes
sense to have tld's that are not expressively bundled
to Nations / Nation-Groups.
The more tld's the less Help they are to remember
the compleate Domainname seen / heared on the Street,
so less might be more, meaning that
*.edu maybe should be forced to *.edu.[nation], and so on,
including thinking (and being able to resolve) a .earth behind the [nation].



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