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TV-style adverts arrive on web

TV-style adverts arrive on web

One internet firm is hailing a new era of web advertising - with a trial of TV-style adverts.

For the next five weeks, US firm Unicast is running 30-second full- screen, TV-quality video adverts on 15 major websites.

The ads, which appear at random as users move between pages, are displayed across the entire browser - but can be turned off by a click in a box.

The sites picked for the trial include MSN, ABC News, iVillage and Lycos.

For users already annoyed by the vast amounts of advertising on the web, Unicast argues that its adverts could lessen the bombardment of commercial messages.

Spokeswoman Allie Savarino told BBC News: "If you can offer formats that advertisers place a premium on, like television commercials, the amount of money they are willing to pay for that will increase.