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Chiasmus for Windows may only be used where its use is in the public interest.

Chiasmus for Windows



Chiasmus for Windows is an encryption program for Windows PCs (Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT 3.5.2 and higher, XP). With Chiasmus for Windows it is possible to encrypt individual files or entire folders.

It is also possible to "physically" delete files from the hard disk. This entails not simply removing the entry from the directory, but the file is overwritten byte by byte (several times).

The built-in random number generator enables you to generate keys yourself. However, keys previously exchanged with communications partners can also be used. The keys can either be read from a file or else entered over the keyboard.

Chiasmus for Windows is easy to install. During installation, no entries are added either to the Start menu or the registry, or to any other system directories. The software does not use any system drivers or DLLs either. On the other hand, Chiasmus for Windows does not embed itself into any other Windows applications (Word, Excel, Access, Lotus Notes etc.). This rules out the possibility of transparent encryption of application data in the background. Encryption and decryption of files or folders must in every case be initiated by the user in a separate operation.

The Chiasmus for Windows software product is subject to greater risks than a hardware solution. With a PC that is connected to the internet, it is possible that protection could not be provided to the extent required. The protection requirement of the information to be protected should therefore be no higher than "moderate".


How to obtain the software

Conditions of use

Chiasmus for Windows may only be used where its use is in the public interest. The detailed licensing terms are set out on the order form. [...]