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[GILC-plan] Korean web portal music blocking agreement unveiled

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Does anyone have further information about this scheme?

Sincerely, Christopher Chiu Technology Policy Analyst American Civil Liberties Union 125 Broad Street New York NY 10004 USA Phone: (212) 549-2535 Email:

The Korea Record Industry Association (KRIA) announced Thursday that it had reached an agreement on 'Guidelines on the Role of Online Service Providers for Copyright Protection' with four portal site companies including Daum and Freechal.

The guidelines read that portal sites should immediately delete, or block access to posted illegal musical data that is reported by record companies, singers, and composers. The Portal sites and RIAK agreed to regulate music services, which provide music files (including MP3 files) without authorization, and those that connect or link potential file providers and receivers.

Portal sites are also to classify habitual offenders and discontinue providing services to such persons. ... _______________________________________________ GILC-plan mailing list

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