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[GILC-plan] New mobile phone content rules planned

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... Safeguards are now being drawn up by the mobile phone industry to cover high-tech handsets which allow users to get online from their mobiles, rather than having to log on to a computer.

Parents will soon be offered phones with 'blocking' devices to prevent children stumbling across explicit websites and unsuitable online 'chatrooms'. ...

Stephen Timms, the Minister for e-commerce, told MPs last week that the Government was working with the mobile industry on a code of practice to ensure that 'access by minors to inappropriate or illegal material is as hard as it is via any other medium.' ...

The code being drawn up is expected to include offering mobiles with 'filters' for explicit material similar to those already installed on many home computers and slapping age ratings similar to those on cinema films on sensitive services offered by mobile operators, such as online gambling or violent games. Buyers of the packages would have to prove they were over 18. ...

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