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Biometric DRM is 'empowering' says iVue maker


Biometric DRM is 'empowering' says iVue maker By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco Published Friday 11th June 2004 20:26 GMT

How do you understand a man who wants us to use biometrically generated keys before we can listen to our music?

Gary Brant's company VeriTouch will soon be marketing a media player called iVue, which will ensure that no music is ever shared again. The iVue uses your fingerprint to generate a unique key when you buy music online, and you can only play that music back once your fingerprint has been verified by the machine using this key. It's a brilliant idea! Newsletter

As it turns out we simply couldn't get indignant or righteous with Gary over his quixotic adventure, and that's not just because he's a very nice man. It's because over five hundred Register readers spelled out exactly how they might use it, when we asked.

"I'm guessing there wasn't one in favor?" Gary asked us, a bit nervously.

Well, no. Not one.