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New Acronym on the Radar: CPTWG


New Acronym on the Radar: CPTWG [7:58 am]

These article of the past day on the subject of DVD copying and new alliances are based upon this group: Copy Protection Technical Working Group, who are not that new, but have been operating on several issues in the past (see the ADRG writeup from March 2003; also see the posting on the Broadcast Protection Discussion Group). Wired News has some background on what may prove to be an unholy alliance: Can Odd Alliance Beat Pirates?

IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Disney and Warner Bros. will work to develop the Advanced Access Content System, or AACS, standard for upcoming high-definition video recorders, players and displays. Itís the first time Hollywood and technology companies have agreed to work on such a project. In the past, tech companies have accused Hollywood of trying to impose too-restrictive copy- protection technologies through legal and legislative moves, stifling development.