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FC: Justice Dept admits it snoops on library Internet use

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DOJ Confirms FBI Agents Snoop in Libraries G-men Learn Terror Suspects' Reading and Computer Habits

By James Gordon Meek L.A. Daily Journal Staff Writer

Jan. 6, 2003

WASHINGTON -- The Department of Justice has confirmed in a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats that FBI agents have snooped around public libraries to learn the reading and Internet-surfing habits of suspected terrorists.

But in a letter provided to the Daily Journal, government officials assured outgoing committee Chairman Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vt., that fears of civil liberties violations as a result of a recent anti-terrorism law have been overblown.

"Information has been sought from libraries on a voluntary basis and under traditional law enforcement authorities not related to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or the changes brought about by the USA PATRIOT Act," Assistant Attorney General Daniel J. Bryant wrote in the Dec. 23 letter. [...]


"Various offices followed up on leads concerning e-mail and Internet use information about specific hijackers from computers in public libraries," the letter said.


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