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Florida spammers sue anti-spam groups

Florida spammers sue anti-spam groups

By John Leyden

Posted: 23/04/2003 at 12:25 GMT

A group of Florida-based porn peddlers, penis enlargement and Viagra spammers has united to file suit against anti-spam organisations.

Under the newly-registered name, a front set up by notorious spammer Eddy Marin's lawyer Mark E. Felstein, the suit seeks to force prominent anti-spam organisations to stop blocking their spam.

A long list of individuals and anti-spam organisations preventing bulk mailers from getting their spam out, including the UK-based Spamhaus Project and, are listed in the suit. The civil action law-suit, filed on April 14, seeks an injunction against anti- spam organisation on behalf of the plaintiffs. It also seek damages of $75 million (plus interest and costs) against the defendants on five separate counts: blacklisting IP addresses of the plaintiffs, libel, invasion of privacy, the publication of allegedly false information and "intentionally interference with a contract".