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RIAA Plans Lawsuits Against File Traders

| RIAA Plans Lawsuits Against File Traders By David McGuire | Staff Writer | Wednesday, June 25, 2003; 1:08 PM | | The chief lobby group of the nation's major recording labels today | said it is preparing hundreds of lawsuits against Internet users who | illegally trade copyrighted music files. | | The lawsuits will target people who share "substantial" amounts of | copyrighted music, but anyone who shares illegal files is at risk, | RIAA President Cary Sherman said in a conference call today. The | first round of lawsuits will be prepared during the next eight to 10 | weeks. They will ask for injunctions and monetary damages against file | swappers, Sherman said. | | [...]


Mich wunderte eh schon lange, warum die RIAA nicht versucht, das Problem im Rahmen des existierenden rechtlichen Rahmens zu lösen. Märtyrertum wird nicht so sehr ein Problem sein.