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/.: Open-Source Software and "The Luxury of Ignorance"

Open-Source Software and "The Luxury of Ignorance"

Posted by CowboyNeal on Thursday February 26, @09:04PM from the software-soapbox dept.

Bootsy Collins writes "Using the recent experience of trying to configure CUPS on his home network, Eric Raymond has written an interesting new screed on poor design of user interfaces in general, and configuration interfaces in particular, in open source software, entitled The Luxury of Ignorance. A sample quote: 'This kind of fecklessness is endemic in open-source land. And it's what's keeping Microsoft in business -- because by Goddess, they may write crappy insecure overpriced shoddy software, but on this one issue their half- assed semi-competent best is an order of magnitude better than we usually manage.'"