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Symposium announcement:

Symposium announcement:

Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy, Oxford University Symposium:

After the Act

New Challenges for Communication Policy

Venue: Harris Manchester College, Oxford University

7 August 2003

PCMLP is organising the first symposia after the Communications Bill has become law. The one day Symposium will focus on the Act and consider policy/law issues arising more generally in the media, communications and internet sectors.


* The Internet: institutionalising Values through Policy and Law * Media Interventions in Post-Conflict and Transition Societies: Democratisation or Imperialism? * The Communications Bill/Act: the end of British broadcasting as we know it? * The WSIS: what's the point of another global summit? * Communication Ethics: what role can it play in policy formulation?

Keynote Address by Barry Cox, (Deputy Chairman Channel Four Broadcasting, Chair of the Government's Digital Stakeholders Group):

"Truth, Lies and Public Service Broadcasting"

Full programme details available here

Conveners: Damian Tambini, David Goldberg and Danilo Leonardi

Participation fee is GBP 80 for professionals and GBP 25 for students and academics.

For registration, please contact Nadine Antun: