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EP vote Copyright Directive

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Date:          Mon, 01 Mar 1999 17:56:30
From:          Barbara Schleihagen <>
Subject:       EP vote Copyright Directive

Dear colleagues,

The (provisional) results of the European Parliament' vote in first
reading on the draft EU Copyright Directive on 10 February 1999 are
now available in all official EU languages at

1. choose your language 
2. scroll down to activities
3. click on "plenary sessions"
4. scroll down to "Minutes-Part II (texts adopted)"
5. click on "by A4-number"
6. choose A4-0026/99 and click on search

You will find here the Minutes of 10/02/99, based on Document No.
C4-0079/98, called "Proposal..." which contains all by the EP plenary
session on 10 February adopted amendments in comparison with original
Commission text. 

You will also find a link to Document No. A4-0026/99 which is the
Barzanti report itself with the results of the Legal Affairs Committee
vote and with all opinions and amendments from all other three
committees involved dated 28 January 1999.

The full text of the complete debate in European Parliament's plenary
is also available at the Europarl server, language changes each time
with speaker (this is Europe, isn't it): (1. choose your language 2.
scroll down to activities 3. click on "plenary sessions") 4. "Verbatim
report of proceedings" 5. choose part-session and format 6. choose
9/2/1999 I 7. In the pdf version it is page 46-60.

It is expected that the European Commission will present their amended
proposal by the end of March. However, at the debate on 9 February in
the EP, Commissioner Monti already announced that the European
Commission could only accept 28 of the 58 amendments, could take
another 14 into consideration provided the wording is changed, and
reject 16, especially those calling into question the Commission's
approach to exceptions, introducing additional exceptions or straying
too far from the scope of the directive.

Best wishes,
Barbara Schleihagen