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Hearings on Public Sector Information Green Paper

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999.

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Date: 1999-06-01

Category: Publication

General Information:

New information on the public hearings on the Green Paper on Public Sector Information, as well as on the formation of an Internet Content Rating Association can be found in the current issue of QuickLinks.

QuickLinks issue number 118 of 21 May 1999, has recently been published on the Legal Advisory Board's website. This site provides regular updates on legal and regulatory aspects of the Internet and the Information Society, in particular those relating to information content and market technology.

This issue also features a link to an invitation to tender for a study on consumer law, and to details of telecommunications services exempted from EU rules on public procurement.

Data Source Provider: European Commission

Document Reference: Based on QuickLinks No 118 of 21 May 1999.

Subject Index Codes: Telecommunications; Other Technology; Innovation, Technology Transfer

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