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FC: Politech roundup -- links to articles on freedom

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Date:          Tue, 04 May 1999 09:03:00 -0400
From:          Declan McCullagh <>
Subject:       FC: Politech roundup -- links to articles on freedom and privacy
My article on the Institute for Justice's challenge to government
rules making it a crime to publish commodity trading tips without a
license. Trial began Monday in Washington DC.
The Economist cover story on privacy (week of May 1-May 7)
Mitnick's hacking cost high-tech companies at least $291.8 million
over a two-year span before his capture, according to estimates
provided to the FBI by NEC America Inc., Nokia Mobile Phones, Sun
Microsystems Inc. and Novell Corp.,4586,2243282,00.html
Maria Seminerio on "handicapped accessible" Internet restrictions
Undercover officers also milled through the show, she said,
enforcing the county's new ban on the display of bomb-making
literature and videos, which had been a staple at the show during its
15 years.
Mike Godwin reviews Etzioni's book on privacy The
Electromagnetic Bomb - a Weapon of Electrical Mass Destruction

MAY 01, 01:11 EDT
Virgin Won't Fly on New Year's Eve 
WASHINGTON (AP) ^x Already known for its pampered passengers and
thrill-seeking owner, Virgin Atlantic Airways now has another
distinction: It is the first international carrier to announce it
won't fly on New Year's Eve.  [...]

Michael Froomkin (professor at University of Miami School of Law)
responds to article on air survelliance system:

"It's clear that airlines can search your bags without it being a 4th
Am. issue since they are private parties. It's reasonable that the
government can require they implement security procedures, under which
they decide to search you, which doesn't trigger the 4th amendment. At
some point of specificity the directive to search by the government
triggers the 4th amendment. It may be that this point is the same for
the legitimacy of the search as for the excludability of the evidence,
but I'd have to think about that. It's the same point for police
searches for prophylactic purposes; whether it's the same point for
airlines is a nice question."

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