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FC: New Zealand gvt officials ask for Y2K military i

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Date:          Sun, 04 Apr 1999 16:46:30 -0400
From:          Declan McCullagh <>
Subject:       FC: New Zealand gvt officials ask for Y2K military involvement

More on Y2K and troops preparing:

What's interesting is that this paper says foreign leaders believe
Clinton will put the US Army on alert in three months. I expect no
such thing will happen, but it shows how officials are thinking.



The New Zealand Herald
Councils want Army help: mayor
By Keith Newman 

                Local body leaders are poised to call for military
                cover to
guard against millennium computer
                bug fallout, warns the mayor of one of the country's
largest cities. 

                Waitakere mayor Bob Harvey said the plea for military
backup was likely to be issued at a
                summit meeting of the 86 territorial local authorities
be held in closed session in
                Wellington tomorrow. 


                "The Year 2000 crisis is the greatest wake-up call you
could have for the new millennium,"
                said Mr Harvey, the Labour Party's new president. 

                "In Britain the Army is on standby, as it is in
France, Germany and Canada. I
                understand President Clinton will put the Army on
in the US in July." 


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