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India Announces 'Net Surveillance Plan

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Date:          Wed, 05 May 1999 08:27:12 -0400
From:          Barry Steinhardt <>
Subject:       India Announces 'Net Surveillance Plan   

A chilling story about India's new net surveillance plan-- which
sounds a lot like SORM.

By S.J. Singh (New Delhi, India)
India Announces 'Net Surveillance Plan

The Indian government announced an Internet surveillance plan last
week that could slow down 'Net traffic--and jack up prices. The plan
would require Internet service providers to connect their routers to
state security agencies such as the Intelligence Bureau and the
Research and Analysis Wing (both of New Delhi) so their traffic can be
monitored. Industry sources say the surveillance will mean traffic
reroutes and packet holdups. The government also wants ISPs to install
and monitor surveillance equipment themselves. The cost of doing so
could get passed on to corporate customers in the form of a price
hike--and stifle the growth of India's fledgling Internet industry.
The plan has been approved by an inter-ministry committee on Internet
security set up by the prime minister's office. It must be ratified by
the Indian parliament before going into effect.