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CEC on Y2K Compliance

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999.

Record Control Number: 13067

Date: 1999-06-04

Category: Miscellaneous

General Information:

Not all sectors in the EU's Member States yet expect to be completely ready for the Year 2000 computing problem, the so-called Millennium Bug, according to a report issued by the European Commission. However, of most concern are the safety issues in nuclear installations in countries beyond the EU's external borders.

The European Commission has adopted a report to the Cologne European Council (3-4 June 1999) on the state of preparedness of key infrastructures for the Year 2000 computing problem. The report notes that there have been positive developments in most areas, for example coordination is increasing, vital infrastructures are being audited, testing programmes carried out and information is becoming more widely available.

However, the report also expresses concern over the fact that not all sectors in all Member States expect to be completely ready in time, and that information on the situation is lacking, particularly in relation to the potential spill-overs between sectors and between countries. According to the report, the safety issues in nuclear installations and power grids in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union are of most concern.

The report concludes that work should intensify both in the private and public sectors, to share information and to coordinate actions, in particular with regard to the cross-border aspects of contingency and emergency planning. Member States should continue to make available the necessary information on the state of preparedness of their vital infrastructures and services in areas like energy, water, telecommunications and transport.

Data Source Provider: European Commission, Service du Porte-Parole

Document Reference: Based on a report from the Spokesman's midday briefing of 2 June 1999.

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