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EU-Plaene zur Kryptographie?

[Was zum Teufel ist denn mit der "encryption legislation" gemeint, die die EU angeblich im Herbst vorhat?? ENFOPOL? Das ENFOPOL-Projekt wird aber schom im Absatz vorher genannt. -AHH]

Technology a threat to right of privacy

WIRED ON FRIDAY: Last week, the US Congress requested that its intelligence services provide a detailed report about a global electronic eavesdropping system know as Echelon. They refused. Now congress is moving to make its request law.

Echelon is just one of the emerging uses of technology that is eroding a basic human right, privacy. The system indiscriminately monitors satellite and Internet communications traffic using keyword searches in the case of e-mail, and scanning for certain telephone numbers in the case of mobile phones.

The report was requested by Congress's House Committee on Intelligence and specifically asked that National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency provide an account as to what legal standard they use to monitor US citizens.

Another system, currently in the pipeline is EU's Enfopol, a specification that will provide European law enforcement officials with an electronic back door into the computer systems of Internet Service Providers and mobile telecommunications companies.

Furthermore, later this year, the EU plans to introduce new encryption (a technology that scrambles data so that it cannot be read by eavesdroppers) legislation, which may affect people's right to exchange messages that cannot be read by law enforcement.