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DG XI eases access to EAD

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1998

Record Control Number : 12389 Date : 1999-03-08

Category : Miscellaneous

General Information :

Access to documents related to environmental assessment is possible through the European Commission, Directorate-General XI, website at:


The following information is available:

- Environmental assessment: EIA - legal context: 
- - Access to the full text of the EIA Directive in all languages; - -
Link to other relevant legislation, law cases and the Aarhus
convention; - Environmental assessment: SEA - legal context: - -Access
to the full text of the SEA-proposal in all languages; - - The amended
SEA-Proposals (English, all languages); - - Link to Aarhus Convention
and Amsterdam Treaty; - Environmental Assessment: EIA studies, reports
and guidance: - - Summary of report on IMPEL report on interrelation
between EIA, IPPC, SEVESO Directives and EMAS Regulation; - - Full
text of the study on the evaluation of the performance of the EIA
process; - Full text of the update of the five-year EIA Report; - -
Full text without figures of EIA-guidance on screening; - - Full text
without figures of EIA-guidance on scoping; - - Full text of EIA
review check list; - - Information on ongoing studies; - Environmental
assessment: SEA studies, reports and guidance: - - Summary of SEA
study on existing methodology; - - Summary of SEA workshop report,
Potsdam, Germany; - - Full text of SEA workshop report, Semmering,
Austria; - - Summary - full text (part 1, part 2, part 2, annexes) of
handbook on environmental assessment on regional development plans and
EU structural funds programmes; - Information on ongoing studies and
planned calls for proposals. 

A list of useful contacts in the field of environmental assessment will also be available from this page in the near future.

Data Source Provider : European Commission, Directorate General XI

Document Reference : 'What's New?' on DG XI's website

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