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EU calls for safer Internet

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999

Record Control Number : 12657 Date : 1999-04-07

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General Information :

The European Commission has published an open call for proposals for setting up a European network of hotlines with respect to its Action Plan on promoting safer use of the Internet.

Hotlines will allow users and service providers to report content or use which they consider illegal, when they come across it in the course of their use of the Internet.

The Action Plan on promoting safer use of the Internet is a multiannual Community programme covering the period 1999 to 2002, under which several calls for proposals are envisaged. The objective of this particular action is not only to restrict circulation on the Internet of illegal or harmful content, but also illegal use of the Internet.

In particular, the Commission wishes to promote services which address content on the Internet that is contrary to human dignity, for example child pornography, extreme forms of violence, incitement to racial hatred and xenophobia.

The establishment and promotion of a network of hotlines aims to achieve these objectives by providing a mechanism for seeking the removal of illegal content from the host server. Responsibility for prosecuting and punishing those responsible for illegal content or use is not covered by this call and remains with national law-enforcement authorities.

Details of preparatory actions under way is available on the Commission's Internet site at:


The indicative budget for Community support for the hotline network is 1.8 million euro for the first evaluation.

This call for proposals is open to entities, whether private or public, within the European Union. All projects must include cooperation between independent organisations established in different Member States and preferably integrate activities across national borders. Participation may be open to entities in third countries under conditions set out in the technical background document.

Remarks :

Proposals for the first evaluation of the call must be sent by 5pm on 2 July 1999.

Data Source Provider : Official Journal of the European Communities

Document Reference : OJ No C 92 of 01.04.1999, p. 11.

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