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Privacy Czar Warns Regulation Is Still Possible (was

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> Title: Privacy Czar Warns Regulation Is Still Possible
> Resource Type: News Article
> Date: Mar 5, 1999 (1:06 PM)
> Source: TechWeb
> Author: Mo Krochmal
> Abstract/Summary:
> BERKELEY, Calif. -- The White House's newly appointed
> privacy czar warned that government regulation is still a
> possibility to protect the privacy of Internet users. Speaking on a
> panel at the Legal and Policy Framework for Global Electronic
> Commerce Conference at the University of California-Berkeley
> on Friday, Peter Swire said he will review federal, private-sector
> and international privacy issues created by new information
> technologies.
> Swire, law professor at Ohio State University who earlier this
> week was named the first chief counselor for privacy by president
> Clinton, will begin in his new position next week.
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