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I wish to turn your eyes towards

It is a site organizing protests against the bad parts in the
Wassenaar agreement, in Denmark and Sweden. This not only helpless
people shouting in the air, the Swedish counterpart (BitoS) at the
site is notorious for being among the important pressure groups for
limiting the effect of the so called PUL (Personal Information Law)
which in conjunction with other Swedish laws now severly limits the
right to free speech on the Swedish nets.

In sites own words:
   "This Wassenaar Protest web-site is established by the Danish
   Internet Commerce Association (FDIH). The use of cryptography as a
   means for privacy protection on the Internet and for secure
   ecommerce is by its very nature an international affair. Thus, the
   Wassenaar agreement has implications for all countries. FDIH would
   like to hear from organisations or individuals from around the
   world that are interested in extending FDIHs initiative to their
   region or country. Please contact FDIHs Martin von Haller Groenbaek

The protests ranges from how the laws has been accepted without prior
public debate, on the effect on privacy and busniesses, to demands on
how the goverments should work to have it implemented in the EU is as
none-restrictive way as possible.

As a sidenote, I emailed my opinions and questions long ago to but it seems the Swedish goverment happily
ignores opinion it dislikes or questions best not answered. The
ignorance of the publics rights and democracy in Sweden from the
goverments side is fearsome. Our "Offenlighets Princip" (Policy to
keep as much none-classified materials official) appears only to be a
sick joke.