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PGP encrypted messages contain a header that clearly states that the message uses PGP. This header can be easily detected when the message is sent across a network and the message can be corrupted. To got around this, you can shift the encrypted message so that the header cannot be detected.

To use this applet, enter in a message into the big text area (you can paste it in, of course), enter a key (not required) into tho small text field on the lower left, and press the shift button. To shift in the opposite direction in order to recover the original text that was shifted, simply check the reverse checkbox. Note that this applet is only for shifting text that is already encrypted because the algorithm used is not secure at all. It is just for removing the plain-text header that allows the message to be detected.

This applet was written in Java 1.2, so it requires a new browser in order for it to load. If you get an error and it does not load, it is probably a Java/browser problem. When I get a chance, I will rewrite the applet to work with Java on all browsers.