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Safer Use of the Internet

CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999

Record Control Number : 12457 Date : 1999-03-15

Category : Tender

General Information :

Calls for proposals are being published for the Action plan on promoting safer use of the Internet by combating illegal and harmful content on global networks.

An Information Day is being held to present them in Luxembourg on 19 April 1999.

The calls for proposals cover the following areas:

- European network of hotlines; - Filtering and rating (self-rating and third-party rating); - Awareness.

The purpose of the Information Day is to inform participants of the main points of the calls for proposals, and to encourage consortium-building by allowing interested parties to meet.

Commission officials will be available to answer questions and to give informal advice on whether a project idea falls within the scope of the calls for proposals.

The text of the calls, detailed agenda of the Information Day, the text of work programme and calls for proposals, and contact details are available from:


Potential proposers can register their interest in a database.

Online registration for the Information Day is also possible at:


Data Source Provider : European Commission DG XIII/E/5

Document Reference : Communication from European Commission DG XIII/E/5

Programme Acronym : FRAMEWORK 5C; IST

Subject Index Codes : Information Processing, Information Systems; Telecommunications

Contact Person :

For further information, please contact:

Central Office for Calls of the Internet Action Plan
European Commission DG XIII/E/5
EUFO 1294
L-2920 Luxembourg
Tel. +352-4301-36060; Fax +352-4301-38099