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FC: Illinois Senate wants to limit pot talk online

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Date:          Thu, 15 Apr 1999 10:14:08 -0700
From:          Declan McCullagh <>
Subject:       FC: Illinois Senate wants to limit pot talk online

A related article I wrote a year ago:

  Senator Feinstein Wants to Ban the Bong,2822,14079,00.html

                  Illinois Senate panel considers limiting
                  online communications about pot 

                  By David Hudson
                  First Amendment Center 

                  The Illinois Senate Judiciary Committee is
                  scheduled to hold a hearing this afternoon
                  on a bill that would criminalize online
                  communications about marijuana when the
                  person sending the information knows it will
                  be used to further illegal activity. 

                  However, some believe the measure, which
                  unanimously passed the House last month,
                  will blur the lines between free speech and
                  illegal activity. 

                  Introduced Feb. 2 by state Rep. Bill
                  Mitchell, R-Forsyth, the bill provides: "A person
the offense of illegal
                  transmission of cannabis information by the Internet
he or she transmits
                  information about cannabis by the Internet knowing
the information will be
                  used in furtherance of illegal activity." 


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