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Everyone wants in on the act...

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Subject:       Everyone wants in on the act...
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Date:          14 May 1999 14:27:28 -0400

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NewsScan Daily,  14 May 1999 ("Above The Fold")

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The European Parliament last Friday passed the Lawful Interception of
Communications council resolution on new technologies -- known as
Enfopol -- which requires Internet service providers and telephone
companies to provide law-enforcement agencies with full-time,
real-time access to Internet transmissions, even those traversing
along multiple networks.  In addition, wireless communications
providers are required to provide geographical location information on
cell phone users, along with decoding of messages, if encryption is
provided as part of the service.  The European Internet Service
Providers' Association has denounced the resolution.  "Anyone who's
got half a clue about the Internet can easily see the Enfopol
proposals are unfeasible," says the chairman of U.K. ISP Linx. "The
problem is it's a bunch of law-enforcement people who have cooked this
up in a vacuum without public consultation."  He also expressed
concerns that the stringent requirements would prompt Internet users
from other countries to route around Europe, damaging the European
telecom industry's revenue.  (TechWeb 14 May 99)