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Re: E-commerce centers

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Date:          Mon, 14 Jun 1999 10:39:28 +0200
From:          Winfried Felser <>
To:            Vlastimil Vesely <>
Subject:       Re: E-commerce centers
Reply-to:      Winfried Felser <>

Dear Mr. Vesely,

thank you for your information and your offer to cooperate.
At the Fraunhofer-Centre in Paderborn we are currently 
developing a so called Virtual Competence Mall concerning
everything in the field of e-business. 

This Competence Mall will contain several Virtual Competence
Center, which should give all information about a certain
topic. First prototyps of Competence Center for 
e-commerce-systems or shopping-systems, for production 
planning and control systems/Supply chain systems and 
for telework can be found on and

(unfortunately up to now only in german). Soon they will be 
redesigned, translated and enriched with new content. Please
take this examples only as a first try.

We are looking for similar initiatives in order to exchange
experiences. So if you are interested, do not hesitate
to contact us. 


Winfried Felser