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USA: Die Internet-Hasser

[Von Zeit zu Zeit aeussert sich in den USA lautstark eine aus dem Schlapphut-Milieu stammende Gegenfront zur wuchernden unregulierten Informationsverbreitung via Internet --AHH]

15 February 1999. Thanks to D. Source:

The Washington Post, February 15, 1999

The Pentagon and the Web: Round Two

By William M. Arkin Special to

"I think that our government is hemorrhaging in a way that I have never seen in my lifetime," CIA director George Tenet told Congress February 2 in an unusually emotional appeal regarding the state of official secrecy.

Tenet mostly pointed fingers at people in the executive branch, who he said were probably responsible for 80 percent of what appears in the news media.

Lt. Gen. Patrick Hughes, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, who was testifying alongside Tenet chose a different culprit. His focus was not the Washington sport of peddling secrets for influence (after all, DIA has always been notorious for successfully keeping its thousands of employees in a protected bubble).

Hughes instead point at the Web: "We seem now to have erred on the side of making so much information available that some of it has been damaging to our governmental collective effort."

I suspect the very dynamism and anarchy of the web is at the heart of the new found military discomfort. A network that was once the military's own not only has been fully appropriated. But it shifts and changes by the minute, moving at a speed that exceeds anything that the weapon's makers can produce.


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